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Ivone is a Certified Medical Esthetician with an International Business degree, educated and trained worldwide (including Spain, Germany, Honduras, and the USA). She is a Certified Professional with Physician Care Alliance (PCAskin), carrying physician's product line. Her knowledge, experience and the right regiment prescription, provides patients effective skin solutions to achieve corrections, healthy, beautiful skin, to feel the best about themselves, regaining confidence and self-esteem.


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Ivone Smith is very knowledgeable and performs all levels of skin care services professionally.
Her studio is very relaxing and you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. I see her on a regular basis to ensure my skin care regime is delivering the results I expected.

Pam J.

Ivone is a medical esthetician so her goal is not just to pamper but to heal your skin – regardless of your age. She will analyze your skin and choose the appropriate products to leave your skin fresher and healthier than when you arrived. My first facial with her was yesterday and I have made my second appointment. Her product line seems to be very effective – great for anti-aging which is my concern.
So glad I found her … you will be too!

Amanda W.

Being a 50 year old male, I am just finally learning that I need to take care my skin like everyone else should be. Ivone was very professional and knowledgeable and helped me get on a regimen that a guy like me can handle. Thank you for getting me on the right path to a healthier well being.

Bert B.

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At the ivoneskincare  Esthetician Clinic, we have assembled an outstanding team of doctors who are innovators in the Esthetician fields.

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